6 Firefox Add-ons Every SEO & Link Builder Should Have

Some of the best SEO firefox add-ons are given in this post. The features provided by each of  these firefox add-ons are numerous, allowing you to see how any website you visit is optimized in terms of SEO. With the results displayed on these add-ons like the number of backlinks, Google PageRank and Alexa ranking of all the sites you visit, you can build high pr backlinks from these sites and also monitor your competitor's backlinks to get backlinks from the same sites they'd used.

SEO Tools - Firefox Addons for Search Engine Optimization

1. SEOquake add-on: 

SEOquake firefox  extension add-on has several features to help you with SEO. The Pagerank, Backlinks, Google Index, archive age, Del.icio.us mentions are some of its displayed features. For the backlinks feature on this addon, it shows you the number of external links to any page searched on google and the sources of these backlinks and if they're dofollow or nofollow. To rank your post well in search results, you can use this to your advantage by checking links to your competitor's post and their sources. You can download and install SEOquake firefox add-on here

2. SEO For Firefox: 
This is another firefox SEO add-on which displays information of a page on google such as :
  • PR: (Google PageRank) an estimated measure of global link authority
  • Age: Age pulled from Archive.org, shows the first time a page was indexed by Archive.org's spider.
  • Links: Shows a rough estimate of the total number of links pointing at a domain
  • .edu Link: Shows a rough estimate of the total number of .edu links pointing at a domain
  • .edu Page Link: Shows a rough estimate of the total number of .edu links pointing at a specific page
  • .gov Link:  Shows a rough estimate of the total number of .gov links pointing at a domain
  • Page Links: (Yahoo! link) shows a rough estimate of the total number of links pointing at a page.
You can download SEO fo Firefox here 

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3.  Page Rank For Firefox:

 This add-on dispalys a little box in your toolbar showing the PageRank of the page your are currently on and also the page rank of all open tabs. You get to know the quality of the site you have visited. You can build backlinks from these sites either by guest posting, registering and including your URL or commenting. 

4. Yslow Firefox add-on:

YSlow analyzes web pages speed and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages. This will help you optimise the speed of your website. Download Yslow from here. You will also need to install firebug for this add-on to work properly. Download Firebug from here.

5. Search Status: 

This firefox add-on highlights nofollow links, allows you to access any page metatags with one click, view the link report and robots.txt info. For every site you visit SearchStatus lets you view its Google PageRank, Google Category, Alexa popularity ranking, Compete.com ranking, SEOmoz Linkscape mozRank, Alexa related links and backward links from Google, Yahoo! and MSN. You can download search status add-on from here

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6. Majestic Backlink Analyzer:

This extension from Majestic gives you a really fast way to see the strength of any page based on its backlink information. Information provided on this free add-on includes: Link Profile charts, Link counts at the URL, Subdomains and Root level and the two Flow Metrics scores from 0-100 for pages you visit (speed limits apply.) Download majestic backlink analyzer from here.

To optimize your blog and find link building targets , another SEO technique you can implement is the use of any of the SEO Firefox add-ons/extensions listed above.


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