Disable Right Click CSS For Blogger

Disable Right Click CSS/HTML For Blogger: Learn how to disable right click on blogger to stop copy paste of your blog's content.

We'll be looking at the effects a simple click on the right mouse can do to your blog, how to stop it and what kinds of a blog should disable this mouse action.

To begin,

Disabling right-clicking of the mouse on your blog to stop plagiarism has lots advantages.

Why You Should Disable Right Click on Blogger with CSS

Here are some reasons why you should disable right-clicking on your blog by using a no right click CSS.

  • A non-functional right click for copy ensures that posts on your blog that are written by you are not duplicated on other web pages on the net, hence your blog stays as unique as possible.
  • Unique content on your blog that has not been shared anywhere gives you higher rankings on search engine result pages because search engines will always try to bring up the best possible result for a user's query.

But what happens when 5 other blogs on the net are competing with your blog with the same search term and content which was copied from your blog?

One of these two things will most likely happen.

Here's the First:

You may rank higher than them if you have enough backlinks to the post, and your page authority is higher than theirs.

And the second,

You may rank lower, even struggling to stay on page one because their page authority is higher than yours due to the number of backlinks to that page and comments made by their visitors.

So now you see, your time and effort spent writing a post is an almost waste, yes almost, because you'll still get some of the traffic, while a large portion of it will be distributed among those who plagiarized your work.


You might be the original creator of the content on your blog, but someone who copied from you with the right backlinks and keywords in place,

May have their posts rank higher than yours in search engine results pages, meaning low benefits for you in terms of traffic, blog popularity, and generally low earnings,

Don't want all the time you've spent in researching and putting up your quality and unique content to go to waste? 

Here's how you can implement no right click with CSS and HTML on Blogger to stop copy and paste.

Before you proceed to disable right click on a blog, you should also know its disadvantages as is the case of anything that has an advantage.

Disadvantages of Disabling Right Click With CSS

  • It might increase your blog's bounce rate because most people with the intent of copying your blog's content will leave immediately on arrival.

Whether it's out of frustration or annoyance that your blog's content is locked, it's now left for you to decide if this a feature you want to implement.

Keep in mind that the increase in bounce may not be a significant one.

Here's another disadvantage:

If you're running a tutorial blog, programming blog, tech blog or generally, blogs that requires that your visitor copy part of a code or image in order to solve their problems, then you should not disable copy and paste entirely on your blog.

Instead, you can choose to disable sections of your blog spot which do not contain codes, but then this is might end up messing things up and in the end, driving away your visitors.

Look at this way,

What would be the use of visiting my blog if you're unable to copy the CSS disable right click codes for blogger?

If that gives you a clear picture of the effects of disabling right click, and none seems like a biggie to you, you can proceed to the next section in this post.

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How to Disable Right Click on Blog or Website

To disable copy and paste on blogger, we'll be making use of a simple Javascript code whose function is to make a right click on any blogger blog inactive.

When the user presses their mouse, features such as copy, paste, undo, select all etc will not be visible.

Also, they won't be able to highlight any text on your blog since they're not able to click and drag in the first instance.

If all these sound good to you, then proceed my friend!

  •   From your  Blogger Dashboard,  Goto  Layout
  •   Click on Add Gadget.
  •   Select Html/Javascript
  •   Copy and Paste the code  below into the text field


<script language='JavaScript1.2'>

function disableselect(e){

return false


function reEnable(){

return true


document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false")

if (window.sidebar){





  •  Save the gadget.

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    Following the steps above on how to disable right click on blogger to stop copy and paste with the use of CSS and HTML codes, on visiting your blog, you'll notice that selecting of the post or right-clicking on it has been disabled.

    If these steps worked for you, congrats! Your blog's content has been locked to the average blogger, but not entirely!

    One can still copy your blog's content by viewing its page source codes.
    Lol, I know you didn't see that coming, but let's keep it a secret between me and you.

    But then since you spent hours writing your post, you aren't gonna hand it over to them on a platter of gold.

    It'll also take them some time to debug the HTML and CSS tags from the post before they're able to publish it.

    Enough of my rantings,

     If the blogger disables right click CSS code work for you, then drop a comment below and we'll guide you through it in no time.


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