Best URL Shortener Sites

URL shortening sites provide detailed information on the a link when clicked on. Some uses of URL shortening are to "beautify" a link, track clicks, or disguise the underlying address. For social networking sites, you can  use any of below mentioned URL shortener Websites, so that your tweet does not exceed 140 characters and can be retweetable by others. Some of the best URL shortening services listed in this post include,,, and, you can use them to reduce long URLs to short ones.

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URL Shortener Sites List

URL Shortener Sites You Should Use For Shortening URLs , a URL shortener by the biggest search engine, Google. Within seconds, your entered link gets shortened. The history of URLs you've shortened is kept with details such as how many times the URL was clicked, the Referrers, Platforms, Countries  and Browsers.If you create the links while you are logged in into your Google account, you can build up a history of your short URLs. is another URL shortening site. It keeps track of your links

Tiny URL is a great site with a lot of great features related to URL shortening.  You can also add Tiny URL to your toolbar which will let you make a Tiny URL at the click of a button. 

URL Shortener Sites You Should Use For Shortening URLs is another URL shortener and  a unique feature is that it creates “The Shortest in the World!”. Another great feature of this site is that the short URL never expires.

URL Shortener Sites You Should Use For Shortening URLs is a URL shotener, you also get paid for every person who visits your URLs. Visitors have to wait for 5 seconds, then click on 'skip ad' before getting to your site.


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