Best Free SEO Tools - Keywords, Backlinks, PageRank

A list of the Best free SEO tools 2015 for effective on page and off page search engine optimization. Included here are Page rank checker tools, Backlinks checker tools, Keyword suggestion, keyword density, keyword research and analysis tools to help you optimize your site and rank higher in search results. In order to reach the top of the SERPs, your website must be well optimized and offer the best user experience in that niche. Below, I have compiled a list of top best free tools 2015 that can help you with on page and off page optimization.

                   Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

Page Rank

  •   Page Rank Tool -  Get a overview of your website's ranking with this rank checker.

    Links Related

    • Link Checker  - Check your links to see if it's still valid or not.

      Keyword Related

      • Search Engine Placement Check Check your position in the top search engines for specific keywords to determine what is working, and what needs more work


        Search Engines

        • Spider Simulator - Simulates a search engine by displaying the contents of a web page.

          Useful Google Links

          HTML related

          Domain Related

          • IP to City  - Determine the Country, City, Latitude and Longitude of an IP Address.

          Web Stats

          • HiStats  - Free, real time updated web stats service.


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          Hope this list of some of the most popular free tools for on-page optimization is helpful to you. You can use them in your on-page SEO process and watch your rankings rise


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