How to Shutdown Windows 8 by Sliding Down

Previously, i posted on how to enable/disable delete confirmation dialog box on Windows 8 and 8.1. Here's another tip for windows which shows the steps on how to shutdown Windows 8 by sliding down. The usual ways used in accessing the power options to shutdown on windows8 and 8.1 are either from settings, then power options or  simultaneously pressing WIN+X keys. Instead of following the ways listed above, you can use an alternative which is the Slide To Shut down feature. This alternative makes turning off the PC faster since you can shutdown with just a simple touch or a drag.

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Slide to Shutdown On Windows 8 and 8.1

  • Navigate to windows c drive. (that is, Local disk (c:))
  • Use the search bar, type in  SlideToShutdown.
  • Double Click on the SlideToShutdown executable file when the search result is returned.
Note: Click on SlideToShutdown with the directory c:\windows\system32

You'll notice that sliding down the image that comes up to the bottom of the screen or pressing enter key shuts down the PC . Also, sliding or dragging the image up or clicking anywhere does not shut down the PC. To make the it easier to access the SlideToShutdown executable file:

  • Right click on SlideToShutdown.
  • Select the option 'Send to'.
  • Click 'desktop (create shortcut) '.

This creates a shortcut of the SlideToShutdown  executable file on  your desktop. To shutdown your PC, double click on the SlideToShutdown shortcut on your desktop, then slide the image down.
With these easy steps, you can shut down your windows 8 and 8.1 operating system by sliding down an image.


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