Backstretch jQuery Background Slideshow Plugin For Blogger

Want to improve your blog's design? Then try out this backstretch Jquery background slideshow plugin for blogger blogs.With this jQuery plugin, you can customise your blog's background by using different images that are displayed one after the other as a slideshow. The images displayed are automatically resized to fit the monitor. The steps on how to add this jQuery background slideshow to your blog are given below.

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How to Add jQuery Background Slideshow In Blogger

  • From your blogger dashboard,
  • Goto 'template'.
  • Click on 'edit html'.
  • Click Inside your template, Using ctrl +F keys search for this tag </head>
  • Copy the code the and paste 'above' </head>

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
* jQuery Backstretch
* Version 1.2.8
* Add a dynamically-resized background image to the page
* Copyright (c) 2012 Scott Robbin (
* Licensed under the MIT license
;(function(a){a.backstretch=function(p,b,l){function s(){if(p){var b;0==c.length?c=a("<div />").attr("id","backstretch").css({left:0,top:0,position:m?"fixed":"absolute",overflow:"hidden",zIndex:-999999,margin:0,padding:0,height:"100%",width:"100%"}):c.find("img").addClass("deleteable");b=a("<img />").css({position:"absolute",display:"none",margin:0,padding:0,border:"none",zIndex:-999999,maxWidth:"none"}).bind("load",function(d){var b=a(this),e;b.css({width:"auto",height:"auto"});e=this.width||a(;d=this.height||a(;n=e/d;q();b.fadeIn(g.speed,function(){c.find(".deleteable").remove();"function"==typeof l&&l()})}).appendTo(c);0==a("body #backstretch").length&&(0===a(window).scrollTop()&&window.scrollTo(0,0),a("body").append(c));"settings",g);b.attr("src",p);a(window).unbind("resize.backstretch").bind("resize.backstretch",function(){"onorientationchange"in window&&window.pageYOffset===0&&window.scrollTo(0,1);q()})}}function q(){try{j={left:0,top:0},rootWidth=h=o.width(),rootHeight=r?window.innerHeight:o.height(),f=h/n,f>=rootHeight?(k=(f-rootHeight)/2,g.centeredY&&("-"+k+"px")):(f=rootHeight,h=f*n,k=(h-rootWidth)/2,g.centeredX&&(j.left="-"+k+"px")),c.css({width:rootWidth,height:rootHeight}).find("img:not(.deleteable)").css({width:h,height:f}).css(j)}catch(a){}}var t={centeredX:!0,centeredY:!0,speed:0},c=a("#backstretch"),"settings")||t;"settings");var o,m,r,n,h,f,k,j;b&&"object"==typeof b&&a.extend(g,b);b&&"function"==typeof b&&(l=b);a(document).ready(function(){var b=window,d=navigator.userAgent,c=navigator.platform,e=d.match(/AppleWebKit\/([0-9]+)/),e=!!e&&e[1],f=d.match(/Fennec\/([0-9]+)/),f=!!f&&f[1],g=d.match(/Opera Mobi\/([0-9]+)/),h=!!g&&g[1],i=d.match(/MSIE ([0-9]+)/),i=!!i&&i[1];o=(m=!((-1<c.indexOf("iPhone")||-1<c.indexOf("iPad")||-1<c.indexOf("iPod"))&&e&&534>e||b.operamini&&"[object OperaMini]"==={}||g&&7458>h||-1<d.indexOf("Android")&&e&&533>e||f&&6>f||"palmGetResource"in window&&e&&534>e||-1<d.indexOf("MeeGo")&&-1<d.indexOf("NokiaBrowser/8.5.0")||i&&6>=i))?a(window):a(document);r=m&&window.innerHeight;s()});return this}})(jQuery);

var images = [
"Image URL",
"Image URL",
"Image URL",
"Image URL",
"Image URL",

$('<img/>')[0].src = this;
var index = 0;
$.backstretch(images[index], {speed: 1000});
var slideshow = setInterval(function() {
index = (index >= images.length - 1) ? 0 : index + 1;
}, 5000);

  • Replace 'IMAGE URL'  in the code above with the URL of each image you want to include in the slideshow.
  • Save your template.
NOTE: In the code above, only 5 images can be included. You can make changes to this by adding another "image URL",

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How to Get Image URL Of Images 

  • Navigate to the image you want to obtain the URL  from in your web browser.
  • Right click on it.
  •  From the list of available options, select 'copy image location'.


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