How to Remove Blank Screen in Windows 8.1

This post, is a guide on how to remove the blank black screen in Windows 8.1 after updating.

Most users after installation of Windows 8.1 have difficulties in accessing their desktop environment and may wonder how to fix windows 8.1 screen of death.

In the first instance, when does this happen?

This occurs while rebooting your PC a second time.

You may end up having to wait for minutes and hours without seeing your lockscreen or user interface.

All that comes up is a black blank screen with a blinking cursor after entering your password.

I also experienced this a few days ago while trying to update my PC to windows 8.1 and the guidelines below helped me fix it.


What causes the blank screen in windows 8.1?

The new Windows Operating System update has some problems with graphics drivers.

It doesn't work with old Intel graphics drivers.

If you're encountering the same problem, follow the steps below on how to resolve Windows 8.1 and 8 black screen Issue on booting the PC.

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How to Access Command Prompt In Windows 8

We are going to access the command prompt, to do this:

  • Press the ctr+alt+del keys at the same time.
  • Click on 'task manager' from the available options.
  • Ignore the error message if you get one by clicking on 'ok'.
  • Click on the 'file' tab
  • Select 'run new task' from the options

solution for black blank screen in windows 8.1

  •  In the open dialog box, type in cmd 
  • Tick the option 'create the task with administrative privileges'
  • Click on 'ok' to create the new task.

solution to remove black black screen in windows 8

We have successfully accessed the command prompt.

Next, we'll restart the PC with some commands.

Follow each of the steps listed below.

1. In the command prompt type in  sfc /scannow

2. Hit the 'enter' key. This begins to check your system for corrupt files, then repairs if any.

3. Next type cd.. (hit the enter key).

4. Retype cd..  (hit the enter key).

5. Next, type in del "c:\windows activation technologies(ensure there's a space between del and "c:\ hit the enter key).

6. This will bring a prompt, type in Y to accept. (hit the enter key).

7. Next, type in shutdown /r  (hit the enter key). This restarts your PC.

solve black blank screen in windows 8.1

The image above explains the major steps listed above on how to remove blank screen in windows 8.1.

You can refer to it to make these processes easier for you to go by.


These are the steps that will help you resolve and fix the Black Screen of death problem on Windows 8.1.

If these steps worked for you, we'll like to know.

If you encountered problems, we can help you out by giving you a one-on- one guide.

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