How to Backup Blogger Blog and Templates

In this post, Techlass will show you how to backup Blogger posts and templates as well as how to download an entire blog.

Whether it is on a computer or smartphone, data is always backed up because it is very valuable.

A company will always have a backup of employee and customer information, an individual a backup of their system's files and folders, and a user of WhatsApp/Telegram has a duplicate of their messages in the phone's memory storage.

Why is that?

Each does this because of the single fact that data can easily be lost either by data corruption by viruses of data theft.


What does it mean to backup your blog or to export blogger posts?

Is it even necessary to begin with or another waste of your precious time?

I'll tell you!

A backup of your blog content makes a duplicate copy of all posts published on your blog as well as the images.

This way, if you lose access to your blog, your content gets deleted, or you want to move to another blog, you can do so conveniently since there is a backed up copy of your blog.

Here's what it looks like:

Google with its strict rules has full control and also the right to delete your blog at any time without prior warning and without giving you reasons.


Your account could get hacked in future by hackers who might decide to delete all your blog post or you might as well delete posts mistakenly.

The same applies to backing up your blogger template!

In the process of editing your blogger template, errors can occur, but with a backed up copy of your template, you can be assured of being able to replace it to its former state.

The listed above are some of the reasons why you should backup your Blogger blog and template for the unforeseen and by doing this, you can have the copy of your blog without all the efforts you've put in for months/years going down the drain.

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How to Backup Blogger Template

Here's how to download a Blogspot blog. 

This will backup your template thereby preserving your current site's structure in case you intend making changes to your template.

  •  From your blogger dashboard, navigate to 'template'.

how to backup blogger blog

  •  Click on 'Backup/restore'.

  • Select 'download full template'.

how to backup blogger template

  • A dialog box appears, click on 'save as'.
  • Choose the location on your PC then save the template.

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How to Restore Blogger Template

To upload blogger template whose copy you previously saved, follow these steps.
  •  Follow the steps listed above to access 'backup/restore' in your blogger template.
  •  Click on 'Browse'
  •  Navigate to the location of the template on your PC. Select it.
  •  Click on 'upload'
You can also upload blogger template by using an HTML/CSS editor like notepad or Dreamweaver.

Simply open the Template.XML file using Dreamweaver or notepad, then copy its content and past in your template section.

This works as well.

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How to Backup Blogger Post

To make a backup of your blogger posts/content, we will export blogger posts. Now, follow these steps;
  •  Navigate to 'settings'.
  •  Click on 'other'
  •  Click on 'export blog' or 'Back up content'
  •  Click on 'download'.

How to Backup Entire Blogger Account

To backup multiple Blogger blogs or download an entire blog, go to Google takeout .

Here, you can also backup all your images.
  • Select 'Blogger' for post and 'Google photos' for images.
  • Click on 'next'.
  • Select 'create archive' and then 'download' with the download that will be sent to your email.


These are the easy steps that you can use to backup your blogger blog, download an entire blog, backup your blogger template, and restore the template.

Did you encounter problems while exporting blogger posts, template, or re-uploading the template?

Kindly comment below to let us know and we'll help you out.


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