How to Add Twitter Feeds Widget to Blogger

Twitter Feeds Widget For Blogger

Twitter, as one of the best social networking sites can do your blog alot of good especially in increasing your blog's traffic. To do this, you have to take advantage of the millions of users to get your content to a larger audience by adding a twitter feeds widget in your blogger blog. The Twitter Feeds Widget can be used on blogger to improve Twitter fans user experience. Your recent tweets are displayed on your blog/website. With the follow button on this widget, you can be sure of an increase in your Twitter followers. Also, it makes it possible for your readers to tweet, retweet, reply, and favorite a tweet from your blog. I'll say it's one of the best blogger widgets since it can get your content viral to a larger audience thereby promoting your brand and increasing your blog's pageviews.

How to Create Twitter Feeds Widget For Blogger

1. Go To Twitter Widget Page

2. Enter the required information which are:
  • Your twitter username.
  • Choose the options whether to "Exclude replies" and "Auto-expand photos"(optional)
  • Enter your desired height for the twitter feed widget.
  • Select the theme and link color.
  • Finally, select 'Create widget'. You'll be notified if the widget has been created successfully.
  • Copy the code shown below into a notepad or any other text editor
  • Click 'save changes'.
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How To Add Twitter Feeds Widget to Blogger

  1.  From your blogger dashboard, goto 'layout'
  2. Click On  'Add a Gadget', then  select 'HTML/JavaScript'.
  3. Paste the twitter feed code, then save.


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