IP Address Widget For Blogger

This is an IP address Widget for Blogger.

This widget is one of the simplest widgets you can add to your blog as it does not increase your blog's page load time.

What it does is to check the IP address of visitors on your blogger blog, and display it.

Other than their Internet Protocol Address, it also displays their Computer's Operating System, Country and Web Browser.

If you're interested in improving your blog's design by adding one more fanciful widget/gadget you'll hardly find on other blogs, then you should try the IP  Address Widget For Blogger.

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How to Add IP Widget To Blogger

Follow the steps outlined below on how to add IP Address Widget for Blogger, to include one on your blog.

1. From your Blogger dashboard, navigate to 'layout'

2. Select 'add a gadget'. The location you select this will determine where it will appear on your blog.

3. Click on 'html/javascript' from the pop-up. (refer to this post on how to add gadgets/widgets on blogger)

4. Copy the code below into the required field.

5. Save the blogger gadget.

<a href="http://www.detutor.com/2014/10/ip-widget-for-blogger.html"><img 
border="0" width="125" alt="IP" 
src="http://www.wieistmeineip.de/ip-address/" height="125" 
/></a> <form>
name="menu" size="1"> <option/>- Get This Gadget -  <option 
">Go Get it ! 


Your visitor's IP widget being visible on your blog can be a unique feature you implement to give them a more friendly User Interface.

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