How to Use Glo BIS On PC/Computer

Browse With Glo BIS For BB10 And PC/Computer

Tired of spending so much money to get very low internet data bundle from network providers? then follow the steps below on How to Use Glo BIS On PC/Computer. You'll also get to know how to use glo BIS on bb10 devices such as z10, q10, z30, q5 etc. So far, the best data plan made available is BIS, where the data plans for bb10 are really expensive as well as browsing on PC with the regular data plans.

How to Use Glo BIS On BB10

1. From your bb10, activate the monthly glo bis plan by sending 'comonth' as a message to '777' or dial '*777*21'. The price is 1,000.

2. The Glo BIS has been activated on your bb10 and you can start browsing. To confirm it, text  'status' to '777'.

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How to Connect Your BB10 to PC/Computer Using Mobile Hotspot

1. Turn on your mobile network by going 'settings'on your bb10.
2. Click on 'Network and Connections', select 'mobile network'. Turn on 'mobile network' and 'data services'
3. Still on 'network and connections' in your settings, click on 'mobile hotspot'. Also turn it on and set a password as required.
4. With your existing data bundle which you subscribed for, you can now browse on your pc using your bis data plan.
5. Goto your pc, navigate to the 'control panel'.
6. Select 'network and connections', then click on 'connect to a network'. You'll see the name of your bb10 mobile hotspot as one of the available networks, connect to this network and you're ready to surf the net with glo BIS on your Computer.


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