How To Insert Table in Blogger

By default, blogger has not provided capabilities to easily insert tables into a blog post. On how to add or insert tables into a blogger post, one will have to know the html codes to construct the table. Obviously, this will take more time and fraught with opportunities for mistakes. With this post, you can use sites that can automatically generate the html codes of the table which will be added to the post.

Tables in blogger post presents information in a way that is easy to grasp at a glance by readers. These tables can also be help in organizing the data entered such as aligning it, aid in comparing two or more products or services which makes it more tidy and clear.

First, you'll have to create a table in Microsoft word, excel, or any other spreadsheet. In this post, i'll be using Microsoft word.

1. From your Computer, Go to Microsoft word.
2. Click on 'Insert' tab, Select 'Table'
3. Specify the number of rows and columns you want that can contain the data you wish to enter in the table.
4. Highlight and copy the entire table.

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How To Convert The Table In Miscrosoft Word Into HTML Codes

1. Visit Tableizer to Insert a Table in Blogger
2. Paste the table codes you copied from Microsoft word into the required field.
3. You can customize optional settings like the Font size, Header color and Font style.
4. Click on 'Tableize it' or 'reset' to make changes.
5. Copy the html code generated in tableize into a notepad or any other text editor.
6. From your blogger dashboard, create a new post, paste the tableized code in your blog post.


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