How To Check Username Availability For Over 100 Social Networking sites

This post on how to check username availability for over 100 social networking sites will help you maintain one common username across several social networking sites. This will be easier to recall and also create a unique username across these social accounts. Your followers can identify it's actually you from the uniformity of the usernames used in the various social bookmarking sites and domains. The consistency in using the same username can go a long way in promoting your brand. Following the steps below, you can easily check the availability of the username for more than 100 social networks with just a click.

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How To Check The Availability Of Your Username Availability In Social Networks

1. Goto namechk service

2. Enter your desired username in the space provided

3. The availability of the username you entered in domains and social networking sites will be shown. If it is already taken, you will be notified.


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