Live Traffic Feed Widget For Blogger

Feedjit Free Live Traffic Feed Widget For Blogger

With the Feedjit live traffic feed widget for blogger, the users who have currently visited your blog during a specified time are displayed on this blogger widget. The location, flag, and time with which your blog was visited by the user is also shown. Feedjit live traffic feed widget for blogger is a free tracking tool that tracks visitors to a blog in real time and identifies the pages that have been visited.. You can use it to show off your pageviews or just to enhance your blog's design. Want to know more about the traffic on your blog? Follow the steps below to add a live traffic feed widget to your blogger sidebar.

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How to Add Feedjit Live Traffic Feed Widget In Blogger

1. From your blogger dashboard, click on 'layout'

2. Select 'add a gadget' depending on where you want to place it on your blog.

3. Click on 'html/javascript', copy the code below and paste in the field.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://feedjit.com/serve/?vv=1515&amp;tft=3&amp;dd=0&amp;wid=9841d4b1afd4993c3934bef94c9302a4&amp;pid=0&amp;proid=0&amp;bc=FFFFFF&amp;tc=000000&amp;brd1=012B6B&amp;lnk=135D9E&amp;hc=FFFFFF&amp;hfc=2853A8&amp;btn=C99700&amp;ww=215&amp;wne=4&amp;srefs=0"></script><noscript><a href="http://www.techlass.com/2014/10/how-to-add-live-traffic-feed-blogger.html">Live Traffic Stats</a></noscript>

4. Save the gadget.

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The width, and the number of people that will be shown on this live traffic feed blogger widget by default has been set to four. The width is optional, if you'll like to edit it,  follow this link,


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