C++ Program to Check If a Character is Small, Capital, Number or Special Character

The C++ Program checks if the value entered by a user is a capital, small, number or a special character. The output also returns the Ascii equivalent of the character. IF statement is used for flow of control in the program.

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#include <iostream.h>
int main()
  char alphabet;

  cout<<"enter an character: ";
   int Ascii=alphabet;
    if (Ascii>=97 && Ascii<=122)
      cout<<"the Ascii equivalent of "<<alphabet<<" is: "<<Ascii<<endl;
      cout<<"alpabet is a small letter";
      else if (Ascii>=65 && Ascii<=90)
        cout<<"the Ascii equivalent of "<<alphabet<<" is:" <<Ascii<<endl;
        cout<<"The alphabet is a capital letter";
           else if (Ascii>=47 && Ascii<=57)
            cout<<"the Ascii equivalent of "<<alphabet<<"is: "<<Ascii<<endl;
            cout<<"You entered a number";
             else if (Ascii>=0 && Ascii>=47 || Ascii>=54 && Ascii<=64 || Ascii>=91 && Ascii<=96 || Ascii >=123 && Ascii<=127)
              cout<<"the Ascii equivalent of "<<alphabet<<"is:"<<Ascii<<endl;
              cout<<"you entered a special character";
  return 0;


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