Link To This Post Widget Below Blogger Post

This is a Link To This Post Widget For Blogger.

A link to this post blogger widget allows your readers to share your blog post on top social media sites and forums.

If they find a post on your blog informative, educative, or interesting, they can decide to share it with their friends and family.

How is this possible?

By copying the link of the post displayed on this widget to their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

Benefits of Using Link To This Post Widget For Blogger

  • When the link to your blog post gets shared, your content can go viral on a social network, and in that way, you get referral traffic to your site.
  • Not only limited to social media exposure, your site can be used as a reference when part or all of one of your blog's page is copied to another site.
  • Since the link to your post copied from this widget can be embedded in blogs and forums, it can improve your site's popularity and traffic.

Not only limited to these benefits,

  • This widget can help you build quality backlinks to your blog since your blog is linked from other pages on the net as the source of the content.
Keep in mind that these links will be within the site's content which is more valuable than aby backlink you'll build via comments.


Are you in need of free traffic and backlinks fast?

Even when search engines are yet to look your way?

Then you can finally get immense traffic and get Google bots to finally notice your blog by ranking it on their top pages because you have quality backlinks, traffic from reputable sites, and comments on your blog.

Now you'll agree with me that these benefits are more than the time it'll take you to add the Link to this post widget to your blog.

By doing so, you can encourage your blog visitors and loyal readers to link back to copied content on your site by using this widget on your blogger blog.

How to Add Link to This Post Widget Below Blogger Post

This widget displays three codes in three sections. 

The first code is your post's link, and the second is your post in hyperlink HTML tags, and the third is your post in BBCode tags.

The last two formats of the link allow your link to have an anchor text, which is most likely crawled from the heading of your post.

What better way to build backlinks with keywords?


Given below, are the steps on how to add the Link To This Post Widget below blogger post.

To begin,

  • From your blogger dashboard,
  • Click on 'template'. ( Using 'backup/restore' button that appears at the top right corner, backup your blogger template).
  • Next, click inside your blogger template and use ctrl+f  keys search for <data:post.body/>
  • Copy this code shown below and paste 'below' the second or third <data:post.body/>   

 <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<p style='color: #7AA1C3;font-weight: bold;'>Do you like this post? Please link back to this article by copying one of the codes below.</p>
<p style='color: #CF152A;font-weight: bold;'>URL Of Post:
</p><textarea cols='60' id='url' onclick='this.focus();this.select()' readonly='readonly' rows='2' style='border:2px solid #666;background:#fff; height: 2.6em; width: 98%;' title='Click to highlight'><data:post.url/></textarea><br/>
<p style='color: #CF152A;font-weight: bold;'>HTML Link Code:</p>
<textarea cols='60' id='HTML-code' onclick='this.focus();this.select()' readonly='readonly' rows='2' style='border:2px solid #666;background:#fff; height: 2.6em; width: 98%;' title='Click to highlight'>&lt;a href=&quot;<data:post.url/>&quot;&gt;<data:post.title/>&lt;/a&gt;</textarea>
<p style='color: #CF152A;font-weight: bold;'>BB (forum) link code:</p>
<textarea id='BB-code' onclick='this.focus();this.select()' readonly='readonly' rows='2' style='border:2px solid #666;background:#fff; height: 2.6em; width: 98%;' title='Click to highlight'>[url=<data:post.url/>]<data:post.title/>[/url]</textarea>
<div style='text-align: right;font-size: x-small;'>
<a href='http://techlass.com/2014/08/link-to-this-post-widget-below-blogger.html' target='_blank'><span style='color: #838383;'>Get this</span></a></div></b:if>

  • Save your template. The changes have been made.

You can view your blog and you'll see the link to this post widget that has been added to your blogger blog successfully.


You can see the Link To This Post Widget in action on this blog, hence you should know what to expect after saving your code.

If you followed the steps well, you should also have one up and running on your blog immediately, not unless you're using the new Emporio blogger template.

But then,

This is not still a limitation, as you this code can still work for you as is the case on Techlass blog.

Got any questions, suggestions or Inquiries concerning the Link To This Post Blogger Widget or generally blogger gadgets and widgets?

Do share it with us by leaving a comment with you, and we'll work with you till it's resolved.

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