Flash Share For Android and BB10

Flash Share For Android and BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5: The Flash Share For Android app is mostly used on smartphone devices running on Google's Android operating system.

But then, can Flash Share Apk work on BB10 devices such as Z10, Q10, and Q5?

Yes, it can!

After a Flash Share app for Android free download on BB10, you can obtain apps and games as if you were using an Andriod phone.

How is this possible, you may wonder.

Recall that BlackBerry10 smartphones featuring an Android run time can install most Android apps and games, hence the smartphone simulates the Android OS even though it runs on BlackBerry 10 QNX OS.


What is Flash Share App?

Flash share is an Android application that is used in transferring files such as apps, games, pictures, videos etc from one smartphone to the other.

But why use a flash share when you can easily achieve the same task via Bluetooth?

Benefits of Using Flash Share

Here are some benefits of using Flash Share Android app to share files instead.

  • It is faster than using Bluetooth for file sharing because it'll take seconds to send files via Flash Share, while a couple of minutes is needed to send files to Android via Bluetooth.

Keep in mind that the time it'll take to send a file via Bluetooth is determined by the file's size, hence the larger it is, the more time it'll take to send, and the more frustrated you might get having to wait that long for a file to be sent.

This is where Flash Share comes in.

Whether you're sending a movie whose size is in GB or a large collection of music files and documents, it can be sent within a short period of time.

Why is it so?

It is because Flash Share makes use of WIFI to share files, and since WIFI connections are faster than Bluetooth, these files transfer speed are high.


  • You cannot send already installed apps and games on your phone via Bluetooth not unless you have a raw copy of the file which has not been installed already.

With Flash Share For Android or any other Android App Sharer like Xender, you can transfer and receive already installed apps on your phone either to someone else's phone or a PC.

Look at it this way,

Instead of spending extra data downloading Android Apps and Games, you can get them from your friends and family just by sharing via WIFI Hotspot with Flash Share for Android.


  • Every file received with Flash Share is stored in a separate folder. 

In the case of Games, you can have a backup or a saved copy in your Android's external memory which you can re-install again after deleting the original app.

With these in mind, let's show you how to use Flash Share For Android On BB10 phones.

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How to Use Flash Share For Android On BB10


The normal processes used in sharing files and apps on Flash share between Android devices will not work on bb10, not unless you apply one or two tricks.

We all know most Android apps and games can run on bb10 and would be easier getting it from people who have already downloaded them.

To use Flash Share app  to send or receive apps and files between a bb10 and an Android device, Follow the steps below:

If you do not have the flash share already installed on your device then, here is a link to a Flash Share Download site

Also, you can send Flash Share Apk file from an Android device to your BB10 phone using Bluetooth, then install on your BB10.

Next, Install the Flash Share app.

  • Open the Flash share on the Android device which you want to receive apps from. 
  • Click on 'Connect with friends'.
  • Select 'Create a connection'.

  • Next, on your  BB10, navigate to 'Settings' 
  • Click on 'Network and Connections'.

  • Turn on the Wifi on your BB10, search for 'Available networks'.
  • While searching and with the results returned, you should see a strange Wifi with a name that has both Capital and small letters, numbers might be included (e.g ADS7S193). 
  • Connect to this Wifi.

When you've made the connection via Wifi
  • Open the Flash share on your own BB10 smartphone, 
  • Click on 'Connect with friends' and you'll see the name of the flash share of the Android device which you want to receive apps from. 
  • Connect to it by clicking on the name of your friend.

  •  On a connection between both devices, you should be able to gain access to all the files stored on your friend's devices. Files such as videos, Pictures, Games, Apps, and Ebooks.

  • You can now send files by clicking and dropping or selecting groups of files to be sent via Flash Share

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Using the steps above on how to transfer files from Blackberry to Android and vise versa, you can now send or receive apps and files just like any other Android user with Flash Share For Android on BB10.

Did this work for you?

If yes, let us know by commenting below.

If it didn't or you encountered problems, we'll like to help you out.

Tell us where you had issues in sending files with Fash Share on BB10 and we'll respond as possible.

Worthy of note is that this app works best on BB10 devices like the Z10 that has a full screen instead of a physical keyboard, hence part of the app's interface is not cropped out in the case of the Q5.

Also, transfers are best made between a BB10 and an Android device, and not between a B10 smartphone and another BB10 device. 


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