Glo BIS Subscription For BB10

Glo BIS Subscription For BB10: Stumbling on this post means you've also realized that the BIS plan for some networks like MTN and Airtel can't be used or does not work on BB10 devices.

One of the reasons why anyone especially Nigerians would get a Blackberry smartphone in the first place is because of its cheap data subscription plans as compared to data plans for devices like Android phones and PC.

On some networks, the monthly BIS data plan is unlimited which makes the offer more attractive.

But here's a shocker,

For all networks, BB10 has a different data plan which is quite expensive and at the same time very small as compared to BIS plan for blackberry devices.

The allotted Megabytes can be exhausted within a day for heavy bundle users and internet freaks or within a matter of one to two weeks.

This means that even if you can afford it, you will still have to use your internet data in moderation by switching off the connection occasionally.

If this is the case,

It'd be of no use having a BB10 device you can hardly browse with, or not seeing important messages as at when sent.


You would be better off using an Android device while waiting for the next Tunnel Guru server to be up and running so that you can browse for free.

Why BB10 Data Plan is Expensive?

You may be wondering,

Why is BB10 data plan so expensive?

Here are some reasons before you regret buying a BB10 phone due to the costly data plans rolled out by service providers.

While these are all Blackberry phones, the data plan for BB10 smartphones as stated earlier differ from that of regular BlackBerry phones like the curve 2 and Bold 5.

This is because Internet Service Providers hate you!.

You know I'm kidding, right? Maybe not😛

  • BB10 smartphones like the Z10, Q5, and Q10 use more data than other BlackBerry devices.

They can run Android apps and Games whose sizes are extremely large, hence will require more data before they can be downloaded.

On the other hand,

The most you do with regular BB phones is play Angry birds and chat on BBM😩.

  • These service providers feel BB10 users have more than enough cash to spend given that they can afford these new premium BB phones.
Trust me, it's Nigerian Mentality but I might be wrong or not.

While these should not be our major concern, how can you enjoy your new BB10 smartphone by downloading Android Apps, Games and Ebooks on it without having to subscribe to the mindblowing plans rolled out MTN, GLO, Etisalat, and Airtel?

I'll tell you in the later section of this post.

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How to Browse With Glo BIS on BB10

Although these individual networks have a separate data plan for BB10, Glo BIS works perfectly on BB10 and even on Android devices.

That being the case,

If you're looking for the best way to surf the net on your BB10, with a good internet connection, and one that doesn't require you to turn off your internet connection every now and then in order to conserve the data?

Then you should try the GLO BIS subscription for BB10.

With this subscription, you can even connect your BB10 to your PC via hotspot or WIFI and enjoy surfing the net at a cheap rate.

To use Glo BIS on your BB10, do the following.
  • First, ensure you have 1,000 airtime on your phone which will be used to subscribe to GLO monthly BIS Plan.
  • Next, dial *777*21# from your Glo line or send comonth as a message to 777

By doing this, you have subscribed to the monthly BIS plan which costs 1000 Naira and you'll get the 3GB worth of data.

To check your remaining data bundle on GLO,

  • Send status as a message to 777.
And that's how you can save yourself from paying 1,500 Naira to get 750MB from MTN in the name of BB10 data Subscription.



Following the guidelines above on How to use GLO BIS on BB10 smartphones, you should now be connected more often to the internet without the need to frequently turn on and off your data in order to make it last for weeks.


Did the above work for you or did you encounter problems?

We'll like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.


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