How to Create Pages on Blogger and Link Them With Labels

How to add multiple posts to pages in blogger and how to make posts appear under different pages in blogger: Labels in blogger help you organize your post into the appropriate category such that related posts are found in a particular category or label. Your post can rank high in search engine result pages depending on how well you optimize the labels on your blog. Ordinarily, labels make your blog content organized and combining it with pages gives a site that's easy to navigate, user friendly on both PC and mobile view. Before you can create pages on blogger and link them using pre-existing Labels, each of your post must be labelled accordingly.

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How to Create Pages on Blogger and Link Them With Labels

If you have not categorized each of your post with the use of labels, the steps below will not work. To ensure it does, edit your old posts and add labels to each before you update them. To do this, check the right hand side of your post editor, the first section which is 'Labels' is where your keywords should be, separated by commas.

For a new post on the blog, in the post editing section, create a suitable label to place all related posts in that particular label. You can choose to name it anything you like keeping in mind that it must be a generic name that can be used to classify other posts, because each time a reader clicks that particular label, all post tagged with that name using will be displayed.

Next is creating your pages using those labels.

Option 1

  • Goto Layout,
  • Select 'add a gadget'
  • Choose the 'Pages' gadget
  • Click on 'Add external link'

There are two sections in the box that comes up,

  • The first section requires the Pages's name, enter the name of the page you want to create
  • The second section requires the URL of the page, enter the URL using this format


YOURLABELNAME, is the name of the label you created in your post editor.

For example if i have a label named 'blogging' and i want to use it to create a page such that when clicked, every post with the label 'blogging' will be shown, then my address will be like this


  • If your LABEL NAME has more than one word, then use this format


for example http://techlass/search/label/blogging%20tips

  • Next, Click on 'Save Link'
  • Still in the Layout section, click on 'Save Arrangement '

Option 2

Another way of doing this is;
  • From your blogger dashboard
  • Goto Template
  • Click on "Edit HTML"
  • Search for where the page widget is in your template. You can easily do this by using crtl + F to search for an existing page on your blog, for e.g, home, about, contact us or by clicking on 'Jump to widget' and selecting  pages.
  • For each page you want to create using labels, enter the URL

You can follow this procedure to create as many blogger pages linking them with labels in blogger.

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  • Also if the name of your label has two words or more, for example the label 'blogger blogging tips', the URL will be  http://yourBlogAdress/search/label/blogger%20blogging%20tips
  • Note that %20 replaces the spacing after each word.
Following the steps outlined above on how to create pages on blogger and link them with labels, you should be able to categorize your posts well to give ease of navigation around your blog.


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