How to Change Font Colour on Facebook Status

There's so much you can do on Facebook using the various Facebook tips and tricks. Trying to impress your friends with your skills to manipulate your Facebook posts and comments? Here's another Facebook trick that allows you to change the default Facebook font colour/ from black to blue. You can also change the font style and size on Facebook. Your friends will definitely be impressed.

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How to Change Font Style and Size on Facebook

We''ll be using a google chrome add-on, which will enable us to change the font size and also the colour of the Facebook status that is to be publish.This method only changes the font colour and size on your account alone. Any customization cannot be seen by your Facebook friends and followers. To proceed in changing the font size,

  • Search on Google for 'Facebook custom font'
  • Download and install the add-on to your chrome browser by clicking on 'Add to chrome'.
  • Login into your Facebook account.
  • Click on the Facebook custom font extension you just installed.
  • Set the parameters for font style and font size.
  • On your Facebook account, Publish a status and reload the page. The customization should have taken effect.

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How to Change Font Colour on Facebook Status

This method only changes your Facebook font colour. The effect can be seen by your Facebook friends, followers and anyone viewing your profile. To proceed,
  • From your Facebook account, while trying to update a new status, place your status inbetween this code below 

@[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Your Text Here ]] 

  • Replace 'YOUR TEXT' from the code with the text for the status which you want to update

Your Facebook status in blue colour is what you'll get after posting the status. You can also use follow this guideline if youve been searching for how to change the font colour in Facebook comment box.

Follow the steps above on how to write coloured text in facebook and make your updates look extraordinary.


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