How to Mention a Person's Name on Facebook

Here's how to mention a person's name on Facebook or how to mention a person's name in a comment to a photo. With this feature you can easily tag people by their names to your Facebook posts, comments and photos thereby notifying them and drawing their attention to the post, comment or photo.

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How to Mention a Person's Name on Facebook From PC

For desktop users trying to tag people to their post or comment on facebook,

  • Add the '@' symbol before typing the person's name.
  • Before completing the person's name, some suggestions will be presented to you.
  • Select the name of the person from the list of suggestions you are given.

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How to Mention a Person's Name on Facebook From Mobile Phone

For mobile users, here's how to mention someone on facebook using opera mini, UC browser or any other mobile browser. You try this out next time you want to mention a person, page or group on Facebook. This will make their name clickable leading to their profile even if your'e using  facebook mobile.

  • In the status text box Just type @[UserID:]

For Example, You if you want to mention Grace Joseph on Facebook, It'll be Like this , @[100000055762922:]

  • To know the ID of the person you want to mention, just view their profile and take a look at the address bar. You should see something like this id="100000055762922" That is the ID you are to use and replace in the code above.

  • If the person you want to mention has a username, Just type this Example, It'll show you some details about the user, Like first and last name, gender, and most importantly his or her ID..

  • If you want to mention a Facebook group or page, Its ID is located at the address bar also. Goto the page and click on the address bar to view the ID. Example, groups/ 216724531684448? refid=7 .  The italicized digits is the ID, only the code from 216.......448.
Tag someone or your friends to a Facebook post, comment or photo with the steps outlined above.


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