How to Hide Videos on Java - Video Hider

This tutorial will show you how to hide videos on java phones or put a lock on videos in order to create some privacy on your phone when it is locked.

Java or S40 phones unlike devices running on mobile operating systems such as Android, Windows, iOS etc., have a low level of security because you can only use the built-in password feature on the phone.

This security feature is not even an advanced one since it can easily be cracked by following some tutorials on the net on how to unlock locked Java phones fast.

This means that while you think your content is secure, it isn't entirely safe.

Also, the RAM size of Java phones is very small, hence the inability to run sophisticated apps such as video converter apps, video player apps, picture and video editing apps, music downloader apps, movie clips maker apps etc.

Most apps developed of recent are mainly for Android and iOS smartphones running on the latest versions of either OS because most people are using these smartphones instead of the early 21st century Java phones that are almost becoming extinct in 2018.

But not to become a pessimist, there's still a ray of hope!😁

If you're one of those who has videos displaying you in an awkward position doing something others may consider weird or you just like keeping your own business 'your own business', is there any way to put a lock on videos for Java?

Yes, there is!

Look at it this way,

On Android smartphones as already stated above, this can easily be done either by using an Android App Locker such as Applock for Android that does not only lock apps selected apps and games on the phone but hides videos, pictures, and even songs by moving them to the app's private vault.

Now you see where memory is of essence which is what Java phones lack.

On a bright side,

What if you could have almost the same level of benefits from a feature phone such as your old Nokia phones like the Nokia 2360, 2330, 5130, Nokia C1, C2, And C5,  and Nokia X2, and Nokia Asha 200, 301 and 300?

BlueFTP for Java phone

Benefits of Hiding Videos on Java  Phones with Video Locker Apps

The benefits of a locked App for Java to hide videos from the media Player in s40 phones would include:

  • It does not require a large memory nor RAM to run as these apps sizes are in Kilobytes and not Megabytes or Gigabytes as is the case of most Android Apps.
  • It hides selected videos by encrypting them, hence additional space is not created just to hide them.
  • Hidden videos, pictures, and songs do not appear in the devices media player.
  • Frequent app updates are not required as well as subscriptions for prolonged use or access to premium features.
  • There are non-intrusive ads on popular video locker for Java phones.

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Hide Video From Media Player in s40

For these videos on your java phone to stay private, they have to be hidden from the prying eyes of anyone who accesses your phone. 

Follow these simple and proven steps given below on how to hide videos on Java by a free download of a Video Locker.

Here, we'll be using BlueFTP to hide videos on Java Phones. 

What is BlueFTP?

BlueFTP is a File Transfer Protocol App, whose primary purpose is to allow you connect to other Java Phones via Bluetooth, and gain access to files stored in their Internal and external memory.

We can also make use of this app to hide videos on Java.

To begin,
  • Follow this link to download BlueFTP for Java from Softonic website.
  •  Download the Java file hide software called 'BlueFTP ' or you can as well search on Google for 'BlueFTP for Java' and download.
  • Install the app on your phone.
  • Open the app and ensure that you allow access to your device's storage by accepting 'yes' to every request made. 
  • From the BlueFTP, go to your phone's memory or SD card and locate where you saved the video which you want to hide is. 
  • Goto 'options' from the BlueFTP.
  • Rename the video by removing the video extension type attached to the video name. 

For example, if the video's name is 'just for fun.3gp' rename it to 'just for fun' by removing '.3gp' 
  • Save the video
  • Then press 9 and select 'hide'.

The video has been hidden successfully. To unhide the video, follow the steps below.

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Unhide Video From Media Player in s40

It's not enough to hide videos on S40, you also need to know how to unhide these videos so that you can access them whenever you need to.

To unhide videos on Java phones with BlueFTP,
  • Open the BlueFTP app.
  • Navigate to where the hidden video is.
  • Next, rename it to its original name by replacing the extension that was deleted. For instance, in the example above, the video's name will be restored to its original name, which was  just for fun.3gp
  • Press 9 and unselect hide.

That's it.

Your hidden video should be restored back to its original file folder or location in your phone's memory.

Other Video Hider Java Softwares

Other than using BlueFTP, video hider apps you can make use of to hide videos on Java include;

1. Phoneky Java Hide software

Phoneky has video hider apps for S40 phones that can help you hide secret videos on your Phone.

Videos in your device's Gallery are encoded with passwords in other to prevent unauthorized access, hence you alone get to decide who accesses video content of your phone and when.

Download  Java Hide Software Here

2. Video Locker - Hide videos

You can also download Video Locker - Hide videos from Javaware's website. 

According to Javaware review, this is 'the ultimate hidden gallery app for hiding videos on Mobile.'


Following these guidelines of using file hide java applications, you should be able to keep your private content hidden in S40 phones with no sweat.

If you had problems trying out these steps or it worked for you, let us know by commenting.

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