How to Post Pictures on Blogger Using Mobile Phone

This blogger tip/trick on how to post pictures on blogger using mobile phone is for those who don't have access to a computer or prefer using their phones to publish their blog post instead of carrying around a PC at all times. There are instances where you might be on the road or an event and still want your blog to be updated, then you'll need a device that is easily accessible at all times and might as well be your phone.With the steps outlined below, you can post with images on blogger anywhere you are right from your phone. The number of images in a particular post will not be limited since you can upload as many images as you'd like in the post. Also, the images will not disorganize the entire blog post or make the published post look less better when compared with the ones uploaded from a PC. Two ways on how to post with images to blogger from your mobile phone are listed below. Here, you can either upload images directly from your phone to your blogger post using image hosting sites or publish your blog posts and upload images via email.

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How to Post With Images On Blogger From Phone

  • From your mobile browser, it can be operamini or preferably UC browser , visit either free image hosting or image hosting ..
  • Still on the image hosting website, Upload a pic and click on 'generate' to get the code. Copy either the thumbnail link or fullsize thumbnail link codes.
  • Access your blog from your mobile browser and create a new post. Next, paste the code that was copied from the image hosting site into your blogger post exactly where you'll like the image to appear. You can centralize the image by adding the center tags between the code. That is, your entire code should look like this :

                                              <center> the  image code </center> 

  • Finally, Publish your post. You might receive an error message when you click on publish, but not to worry,  the post has been published.

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How to Post With Images via Email On Bloggee

From your blogger dashboard, goto 'Settings'.
Select 'Post settings'.
Select 'Email'.
Enter a secret word as required. This will be the email address you'll send all the posts you want to publish on your blogger blog from your phone. Save your settings.
NT:   Each time you want to post using email, send it to that address. For example

How to Post Text/Pictures to Blogger From Android

An update to this post on posting images to your blog from your mobile device has included steps for android users.

  • Goto Google Playstore and search for 'Blogger app' or  'Bloggeriod'
  • Download and install the app
  • After installation. sign into the blogger app you downloaded
  • Upon entering the right login details, you should be able to post to your blog from your mobile device

Following the simple steps given above, you should be able to successfully post text or photos from a mobile device automatically to your blogger blog.


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